Karli + Brandon

When your clients ask for a "New School, natural Fall" wedding with a dash of Star Wars injected for fun, how could you possibly say no? Let me tell you—you'd be a fool to say no. Because when your clients ask for that AND when your clients are as amazing as Karli and Brandon (and my mom BFF Molly!) really excellent things are going to happen.

Karli and Brandon were married late October at Seven Springs, which was a total dream. It was warm, it was sunny, there were oysters and bourbon and Storm Troopers. Really, the things dreams are made of. 

Karli and Brandon s Wedding-Highlights-0085.jpg
Karli and Brandon s Wedding-Formals Portraits-0013.jpg

Overall Vibe:

Classy Star Wars touches,
New-School, Garden-inspired

Floral Recipe:

Burgundy, Copper + Peach Dahlias,
Garden Roses + Roses, Sedum, Thistle,
Ilex berries, Hibiscus Foliage, Eucalyptus.

Color Palette:

Karli and Brandon s Wedding-Highlights-0157.jpg