Valentine's Day Flowers!

I'm offering Valentine's Day arrangements in a dreamy sherbet-inspired color palette of fine flowers this year, and pre-order has begun! There are two sizes available- one at $55, and a larger size for $70. If you place your order with me before EOD on Monday 2/2, you'll receive $5 off the arrangement price! Ladies, send this link to your sweethearts to gently drop the hint, or tag them in our photo on Facebook! Flowers can be ordered by emailing me at:

Pastel Romantic Flowers_Amanda Burnette Florist_Virginia Wedding Flowers _Valentines day_0001.jpg

Dreamy photo of Leslie and Dan's October Charlottesville Wedding by Katie Nesbitt Photography.

October's Seasonal Bouquet

In my last post, I talked about a project that's been on my mind for the better part of a year. I want to use seasonal ingredients to create something floral, inspired by the current season and time of year. I want to do this once a month, and I want to share it with you. I want to use flowers and techniques that are new to me, creating something unique, fresh, and a little bit different. My sweet, talented friend Nikki Santerre captured October's bouquet for me on film. Nikki's film work somehow seems to highlight the best parts of the things I make. The draping olive branches, the wild stems- I feel all of those things stirring within me.

The fall leaves, the juicy red garden roses, they all felt very appropriate to share on Thanksgiving week. Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I hope the coming days are spent with family and friends, feasting and making merry.

SeasonalBouquet Oct_0001 SeasonalBouquet Oct_0003 SeasonalBouquet Oct_0004 SeasonalBouquet Oct_0002 SeasonalBouquet Oct_0005 SeasonalBouquet Oct_0006 SeasonalBouquet Oct_0007 SeasonalBouquet Oct_0008