Something A Little Different

Though "glamorous" isn't usually a word I would associate with myself, I am totally smitten with the results of a photo shoot from two weeks ago. Nikki Santerre, Glamour and Grace and I put together a Fine Art Bridal fashion editorial for Pretty Pear Bride, and I could not love the classic glamour we made together any more. I seriously cannot wait to share more from this editorial shoot! For now, a sneak peak.

Romantic Classic Flowers_Amanda Burnette_Glamorous Wedding_Nikki Santerre Photography_ Richmond Florist_0001.jpg

February's Birthstones and Blooms

Last weekend we executed the latest installment of the Birthstones and Blooms collaboration that I'm working on with Carly of Two Spoons Photography and Brandon and Marita of Slingin' Pretty! February's birthstone is the amethyst and the month's flower is the Iris- both of which are traditionally associated with femininity. Of course, we wanted to kind of smash that apart, and dress a really handsome dude in some strong, classic pieces and give him a really ultra-huge boutonniere. Classically feminine in it's color palette, but taken to a WHOLE other level by our model, Mark. Marita of Slingin' Pretty has been making really gorgeous jewelry, so she let us include an amazing Amethyst pendant in this month's flowers from her new venture, Clear & Bound.

MAN FLOWERS (it's a new revolution I've decided to start) are my new favorite thing. I just need to convince some clients to be into it, too!

So please, without further ado, enjoy MAN FLOWERS!

Pastel Romantic Flowers_Amanda Burnette Florist_Virginia Wedding Flowers _Valentines day_0002.jpg Pastel Romantic Flowers_Amanda Burnette Florist_Virginia Wedding Flowers _Valentines day_0003.jpgPastel Romantic Flowers_Amanda Burnette Florist_Virginia Wedding Flowers _Valentines day_0004.jpgChubby hand cameo above by yours truly.

Pastel Romantic Flowers_Amanda Burnette Florist_Virginia Wedding Flowers _Valentines day_0005.jpg Pastel Romantic Flowers_Amanda Burnette Florist_Virginia Wedding Flowers _Valentines day_0006.jpg Pastel Romantic Flowers_Amanda Burnette Florist_Virginia Wedding Flowers _Valentines day_0007.jpg

Photography: Two Spoons Photography

Hair and Makeup: Slingin' Pretty

Flower Design: Amanda Burnette

Amethyst Pendant: Clear & Bound

Birthstones and Blooms

I am a lucky woman for many reasons, and one of the things I'm most thankful for recently is the amazing group of #bossbabes that I am fortunate enough to know. I know a ton of fierce, business-owning, hustling women (and a few fellas!) that are kicking ass and and making really, really beautiful things. Carly of Two Spoons Photography and I expressed our desire to play with photo shoots, concepts, and design more in the new year. Styled shoots are an amazing way to flex creative muscle, but require lots of planning and energy. Though there is definitely a time and place for styled shoots, (which I love to do!) we both had the desire to create smaller shoots and really be able to play with interesting details. I love things that border on pretty/weird, so Carly and I decided to run with that.

Birthstones and Blooms was born to give us an opportunity to really play with these things. Using birthstones and birth month flowers as our inspiration, we are creating 12 small shoots in 2015 to showcase things that are interesting and unexpected. We've teamed up with Marita and Brandon of Slingin' Pretty for amazing hair and makeup for the concepts we're dreaming up.

Below are a few little sneak peeks of our shoot yesterday. I'm so excited to share more soon!

Birthstones and blooms_amanda burnette_two spoons photography_ birthstone inspiration_garnet_0002.jpgBirthstones and blooms_amanda burnette_two spoons photography_ birthstone inspiration_garnet_0003

October's Seasonal Bouquet

In my last post, I talked about a project that's been on my mind for the better part of a year. I want to use seasonal ingredients to create something floral, inspired by the current season and time of year. I want to do this once a month, and I want to share it with you. I want to use flowers and techniques that are new to me, creating something unique, fresh, and a little bit different. My sweet, talented friend Nikki Santerre captured October's bouquet for me on film. Nikki's film work somehow seems to highlight the best parts of the things I make. The draping olive branches, the wild stems- I feel all of those things stirring within me.

The fall leaves, the juicy red garden roses, they all felt very appropriate to share on Thanksgiving week. Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I hope the coming days are spent with family and friends, feasting and making merry.

SeasonalBouquet Oct_0001 SeasonalBouquet Oct_0003 SeasonalBouquet Oct_0004 SeasonalBouquet Oct_0002 SeasonalBouquet Oct_0005 SeasonalBouquet Oct_0006 SeasonalBouquet Oct_0007 SeasonalBouquet Oct_0008



Seasonal Bouquet Inspiration

I've been quite inspired by The Seasonal Bouquet Project for the past year, which encouraged and showcased using only seasonal findings in bouquets and arrangements. I just adore the idea of letting the colors and vibes of a certain season (or month!) inspire to create. My goal is to create a bouquet (or arrangement!) every month for a year. This will be a very loose project- my only requirements for this will be that 1) all bouquets will be inspired by the colors and feelings that I feel from each month 2) each bouquet will feature in-season and/or foraged local components.


I started with October, and my dear friend Nikki Santerre Photography captured this bouquet for me on film. Once we receive the photos back, you'll be the first (well, third ;)) to know!  I used these beauties as a part of the project. I'm in love.