Radio Silence

It's been quiet around here. Like, extra quiet. I'm busier than ever, yet I've been terrible about keeping up, checking in, and saying hi. There are so many things in process right now, and I just can't wait to share them with you! The radio silence has been for an important reason! We bought a house!!!!

La Boheme_0037.jpg


That's right! As of September 15th, my husband and I are homeowners! The process was long, and the waiting was torturous-- but it's finally here, boxes are being unpacked, and the never-ending list of projects has already begun. Know that along with my shoots, DIY posts, and some other special projects I've got up my sleeve, you'll be seeing house posts in the mix now! We've got lots of things we want to tackle, and can't wait to share them with you!


La Boheme_0038.jpg

So that's it! We own a house! It's a cute little thing, and has a great blank slate for us to play with! One of the best parts is that I have my OWN office that is currently being turned into a flower studio and office space for me! If you're on Instagram, follow along with me at @amandasburn to see what I'm up to, and poke around with the hashtag #BurnettesBuyAHouse to see what we're up to!