February’s Birthstones and Blooms

Last weekend we executed the latest installment of the Birthstones and Blooms collaboration that I’m working on with Carly of Two Spoons Photographyand Brandon and Marita of Slingin’ Pretty!

February’s birthstone is the amethyst and the month’s flower is the Iris- both of which are traditionally associated with femininity. Of course, we wanted to kind of smash that apart, and dress a really handsome dude in some strong, classic pieces and give him a really ultra-huge boutonniere. Classically feminine in it’s color palette, but taken to a WHOLE other level by our model, Mark. Marita of Slingin’ Pretty has been making really gorgeous jewelry, so she let us include an amazing Amethyst pendant in this month’s flowers from her new venture, Clear & Bound.

MAN FLOWERS (it’s a new revolution I’ve decided to start) are my new favorite thing. I just need to convince some clients to be into it, too!

So please, without further ado, enjoy MAN FLOWERS!

Photography Two Spoons Photography
Floral Design Amanda Burnette
Amethyst Pendant Clear & Bound
Hair & Makeup Slingin’ Pretty