So This is the New Year

It blows my mind that 2015 is over and gone, and 2016 is officially here. 

This past year brought so many amazing, scary, incredible things into my life. I quit my job to pursue flowers on a full time basis. I flowered for 49 amazing couples. That number still shocks me- I am so lucky. I launched this beautiful new website thanks to Skirven + Croft. All amazing things.

While I don't have goals or resolutions for 2016 yet, I know the first thing I'll be tackling is moving into my new office space in Church Hill. I can't wait to share this space with Wood Grain and Lace Events, Pleiades Bridal Design + Michael Simon Photography. 

I'll work on some goals to share with you, but in the meantime, enjoy just a few peeks at 2015 that I haven't shared with you yet!