But I Know a Change Is Gonna Come

This is one of my longer posts, and it's filled with a lot of the confusion I've been experiencing for the past 18 months. But don't worry- there is a point to all of this, and also an incredibly exciting revamp. I do my best thinking at very specific times. During long drives, with the music low and the sights zooming past. In the few moments of relaxation before you finally let your eyes and body give in to sleep. In the early morning light, coffee in hand, Otis Redding on low in the background. It's during these moments where I can leave all of the other stressors and distractions behind, and just dream. I've always been a bit of a daydreamer-it's such a lovely way to escape a bit.

The last year and a half has been a time for growth and changes. For confusion and frustration. A time for me to figure out what success and happiness look like to me. When you are a creative person that is interested in starting a business, it's exciting and also incredibly overwhelming. I think my experience has been a lot different than most folks, and because of that, I want to share a bit of my heart and my journey with you.


Katie DeLorme Photography

When I first started working on styled photo shoots and other creative collaborations, I thought that I wanted to be a wedding planner. It was perfect! I'd have an opportunity to flex my DIY muscle, indulge my project-loving heart, all while keeping clients organized and helping to plan their wedding day! Only, I quickly realized that wasn't my dream. So I tried to focus on the parts of my work that I was enjoying the most. The obvious answer was styled photo shoots- coming up with a concept, and creating that vision to be captured and shared is thrilling! I love each and every shoot that I have been lucky enough to collaborate with other incredible vendors and creatives on! I constantly feel inspired as I work with other creative people, but knew that I would need to really figure out how to make a living doing things I was inspired by.

There was another interest in the back of my mind that I had been lucky enough to explore a few times during styled shoots, but had never really given too much attention to. Floral design. Doing flowers seemed like a very natural addition to styling shoots - because flowers, especially in wedding inspiration, are so HUGE right now. So I start to chug forward with more and more floral design, and have been  encouraged by some of my incredibly supportive friends- Nikki, Katie, Ali, Katie, Annamarie, Sally- to keep pursuing florals. I usually would just shrug it off and thank them for their kind words, but then I started shrugging less and thinking more as time went on.


Reverie Supply

Then my first wedding flower inquiry rolled in. Was designing flowers and becoming a working Florist something that I could actually do? Until this point, my business seemed like a really fun hobby, but I was having trouble finding my direction to be able to make it into a career. With this new adventure on the table, it seemed as though it was time to get serious about my thinking, and start making some moves. So I met with my first inquiry, and then a second. Then my first referral came in from another client, and I was just blown away.

So that's where I am now. In just a few short months time, I have booked wedding clients, and have inquiries finding their way into my inbox. I have a business! I have business insurance! Wholesale accounts, contracts, invoices, all sorts of awesome and scary things! I am floored. I am so excited. I'm also really freaked out (I figured we're being super honest here, and that is honestly how I feel some days!) So not only will I be continuing to pursue creative direction and styling, but also will be adding floral design to my services!

While all of these changes have been happening, expanding my businesses' direction inspired me to want to rebrand a bit. That involves renaming myself, and reintroducing myself and my business to those that have been following along. "Into It" was the name of my blog when it was just a blog. I have so many varied interests that I always felt very "into" everything. So, Into It Blog was born. As I started to do more photo shoots, I wanted to be able to blog them- to show off my projects and handiwork. It made sense to post these shoots on my own blog-which is how Into It Events got it's name- simply an extension of the blog I started to have a space for all of my ramblings and wedding-related projects. As I have continued to creep forward, I started to question my business name, my brand, my client experience. So all of that is changing.

So, as of October 2014, Into It Events is no more (though that URL will still bring you here!)  There is no business name that will be able to represent me as well as my own name. www.AmandaBurnette.com will be my new home on the web, and the new place to keep up with all that I'm up to. All of the super official changes will take place throughout this month, as they have been gradually over the past few weeks.

I will be working with the incredibly talented Rebecca Caridad- a woman that is truly a jack of all trades- on a new logo. She is an incredible photographer, florist, and calligrapher. It's baffling how one woman can truly excel at so many things- and she certainly does. I am SO excited to see what we create to represent me as I move forward.

I've got clients on the books into the second half of next year, an amazing support group, and BIG dreams! Amanda Burnette represents me and ALL of my passions. It represents me as a floral designer. It represents me as a Creative Director. It allows me a fresh start. One that I am so incredibly excited for! I cannot wait to share all of the changes and excitement with you!


Nikki Santerre Photography