Indian Summer-inspired Bohemian Wedding photo shoot

Inspiration seems to strike me in really odd places. I first felt inspired by a vintage plate that belonged to my grandmother. Then by some amazing handmade tassels from my new best friend Jenna at Red Feathered Nest. Then I started to really feel the late season, end of summer colors and vibes-- specifically saturated pinks and oranges. I'm not sure how (or why) I decided all of these things belonged together in one bohemian photo shoot, but I believed they did. Sally from Reverie Supply was just my girl--  and she knew they belonged together, too. I knew that she and her husband Robert would be able to take my crazy-colored flowers and off the wall details and make them look whimsical and as though they belong together. With their incredible perspective, the details we stitched together felt totally at home among the incredibly lush gardens at Tuckahoe Plantation. The result is kind of wild. It's lush. It's bright, and I definitely feel the Indian Summer vibe. These pinks and oranges and peaked greens remind me of the last handful of really hot days in the summer, where the sun is high and hot in the sky, and lounging under a tree is the only acceptable thing to do.

Without further ado, I am so excited to share the following images with you! You'll find a full vendor list at the bottom of this post. So grateful for everyone who helped this vision come to life- including our gorgeous model, Laura, who we stuck in a flower cooler to keep cool!

La Boheme_0042.jpg La Boheme_0043.jpg La Boheme_0044.jpg La Boheme_0045.jpg La Boheme_0046.jpg La Boheme_0047.jpg La Boheme_0048.jpg La Boheme_0049.jpg La Boheme_0050.jpg La Boheme_0052.jpg La Boheme_0053.jpg La Boheme_0054.jpg La Boheme_0055.jpg La Boheme_0056.jpg La Boheme_0057.jpg La Boheme_0058.jpg La Boheme_0059.jpg La Boheme_0060.jpg La Boheme_0061.jpg La Boheme_0062.jpg La Boheme_0063.jpg La Boheme_0064.jpg La Boheme_0065.jpg La Boheme_0066.jpg La Boheme_0067.jpg La Boheme_0068.jpg La Boheme_0069.jpg La Boheme_0070.jpg La Boheme_0071.jpg La Boheme_0072.jpg La Boheme_0073.jpg La Boheme_0074.jpg La Boheme_0075.jpg La Boheme_0076.jpg La Boheme_0077.jpg La Boheme_0078.jpg La Boheme_0079.jpg La Boheme_0080.jpg La Boheme_0081.jpg La Boheme_0082.jpg La Boheme_0083.jpg


Photography + Creative Direction: Reverie Supply | Dress: BHLDN Floral Design, Styling + Creative Direction: Amanda Burnette | Venue: Tuckahoe Plantation Calligraphy: Wave Crest Calligraphy | Hair Accessories and Veil: SIBO Designs Vintage Furniture + Props: Red Feathered Nest | Hair: JewelHD Makeup Artist: Real Doll Makeup | Romper: Plum Pretty Sugar