Summer Bucket List

Every season I think about writing a "bucket list" to share with you, but always forget. That, or I get caught up writing something else, and then it just seems to late to share. Or lots of other folks post theirs and I just feel silly, like I'm piggy backing on them. Which really, doesn't matter. My blog space, my summer list- right?! Right! PLUS this weekend is 4th of July weekend-- which is a PERFECT TIME to talk about Summer plans!! Well, I didn't forgetΒ THIS TIME, friends! I've been thinking about our summer plans a lot recently, and want to also hear what yours are! My husband turned 27 last week, which coincided with the official start of summer, so fun birthday festivities usually mark the beginning of our summer fun-- which I am definitely not upset about ;)

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(photo credit: Nikki Santerre Photography)

Though I may hate the humid, sometimes oppressive heat, summer really is lovely. I love all of the flowers and produce that are at their best during these hot months. I love ending the day with a cold drink in hand. I love all of the outdoor fun to be had- festivals, concerts, BBQs, swimming, digging my toes into the sand. It's all just so lovely!

Without further ado, here are some of my most pressing summer "To Do"!


Finish purging and organizing our home office. My husband works from home full time, and with my business getting busier, I use our office space a lot. There are a few boxes and baskets of STUFF just lingering. I also need to hang the photos I had printed of my work!

Grill dinner together more often. Our schedules haven't been syncing up much for us to spend some time outside with the dogs, cooking dinner. This needs to be made a priority when time allows, just because it is something we enjoy doing so much!

More dates! We are so bad about going out and doing something fun! Even if it's grabbing a casual dinner out or catching a movie, I'd love to go OUT and do more things together, enjoying the weather and each other's company!

Add flowers to our yard, Clear out flower beds. I'd love to have more flowers growing in our yard for me to cut and enjoy inside. I'd love to buy another hydrangea or two, and plant some dahlias to jazz up our little space.

Take the pups to the dog park more often in the evening. Pugs and heat don't get along, but our dogs love to play! I want to get much better about taking them to the dog park to play in the evenings when it starts to cool down a bit!

Be better about cooking breakfast. I'm lucky to scarf down a piece of toast or a banana in the morning before I head to work. I'd love to do a little prep once or twice a week to ensure we both have some breakfast options. Besides smoothies and overnight oats, does anyone have an easy breakfast idea that's great to make ahead? I'd love to hear some savory ideas!


Do a light rebrand. Don't get too excited- it's not going to be a huge project just yet, but there are definite changes coming. A new name, a new logo, and a little print collateral are all on my list for the summer.

Get back on a blogging schedule! I was so good for a while there! I just need to add blogging back into my work flow to ensure we're spending more time together here!

Flowers, flowers, flowers! Book some of my first full wedding floral clients. I told you things were changing around here a bit. Stay tuned for more info!

Finish tweaking my quoting and contracting process. There are so many things to figure out as you grow and branch out! Onwards and upwards, my friends!

What about you?? What is on your Summer To Do list?!