"Flowers Are The Sweetest Things..."

"Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into." - Henry Beecher  Thank you, Jeff Ocampo, for allowing me to be a tiny part of your incredible styled bridal photo shoot. This fella is CRAZY talented, folks, and I am a lucky gal to now have some of his photos of my work!

Inspired by juicy fuchsia peonies and purple-green fringed tulips, this bouquet is saturated, slightly bohemian, and smelled like Heaven.

Jeff Ocampo Bouquet_0011.jpg Jeff Ocampo Bouquet_0012.jpg Jeff Ocampo Bouquet_0013.jpg Jeff Ocampo Bouquet_0014.jpg Jeff Ocampo Bouquet_0015.jpg Jeff Ocampo Bouquet_0016.jpg Jeff Ocampo Bouquet_0017.jpg Jeff Ocampo Bouquet_0018.jpg Jeff Ocampo Bouquet_0019.jpg Jeff Ocampo Bouquet_0020.jpg Jeff Ocampo Bouquet_0021.jpg


Photography: Jeffrey Ocampo Photography Dresses: Urban Set Bride