Middle Ages English Styled Photo Shoot

The images below are some of my favorites ever, taken by someone that has quickly become one of my favorite people. Katie Delorme contacted me at the end of last summer to see if I would be interested in working together on a Cultural-themed Styled Shoot competition for Le Magnifique. Katie had dreamed of something set in the Middle Ages- something romantic, slightly rustic, and natural. With her absolutely dreamy film and digital images, I am just overwhelmed with our final outcome. Katie and I first met as she arrived at my house to spend the weekend together to prepare for and do this photo shoot. We immediately hugged one another, and I've loved her since. Katie has this incredible, ethereal, REAL photography style, and I truly cherish all of these images she made that day.

We had GOATS! That wore floral collars! I'm also fairly certain that I have a big ol' crush on our gorgeous models from that day, Ali from Alisandra Photography, and her sweet husband, Chad! They are GORGEOUS, and have such beautiful, intimate chemistry. That sweet intimacy is exactly what this shoot needed, as we envisioned that these two ran away together to elope where they felt most at home- among nature.

The overall feel of this shoot, to me, is slightly rustic, natural, soft, elegant and true. I am elated to share these images with you today; I hope you feel the same things!

Middle Ages_0092.jpg Middle Ages_0093.jpg Middle Ages_0094.jpg Middle Ages_0095.jpg Middle Ages_0096.jpg Middle Ages_0097.jpg Middle Ages_0098.jpg Middle Ages_0099.jpg Middle Ages_0101.jpg Middle Ages_0102.jpg Middle Ages_0103.jpg Middle Ages_0104.jpg Middle Ages_0105.jpg Middle Ages_0106.jpg Middle Ages_0107.jpg Middle Ages_0108.jpg Middle Ages_0109.jpg Middle Ages_0110.jpg Middle Ages_0111.jpg Middle Ages_0112.jpg Middle Ages_0113.jpg Middle Ages_0114.jpg Middle Ages_0115.jpg Middle Ages_0116.jpg Middle Ages_0117.jpg Middle Ages_0118.jpg Middle Ages_0119.jpg Middle Ages_0120.jpg Middle Ages_0121.jpg Middle Ages_0122.jpg Middle Ages_0123.jpg Middle Ages_0124.jpg Middle Ages_0125.jpg Middle Ages_0126.jpg Middle Ages_0127.jpg Middle Ages_0128.jpg Middle Ages_0129.jpg Middle Ages_0130.jpg Middle Ages_0131.jpg Middle Ages_0132.jpg Middle Ages_0133.jpg Middle Ages_0134.jpg Middle Ages_0135.jpg Middle Ages_0136.jpg Middle Ages_0137.jpg Middle Ages_0138.jpg Middle Ages_0139.jpg Middle Ages_0140.jpg Middle Ages_0141.jpg Middle Ages_0142.jpg Middle Ages_0143.jpg Middle Ages_0144.jpg Middle Ages_0145.jpg Middle Ages_0146.jpg Middle Ages_0147.jpg Middle Ages_0148.jpg Middle Ages_0149.jpg Middle Ages_0150.jpg Middle Ages_0151.jpg Middle Ages_0152.jpg Middle Ages_0153.jpg Middle Ages_0154.jpg


Photography: Katie DeLorme Photography | Dress: Jann Marie Studios Flowers, Styling, Food: Into It Events |  Calligraphy: Kindred Hair and Make Up: Faces by Joy | Goats: Blue Ridge Canine Services Venue: Pump House