The Loving Type

I am elated to finally share this photo shoot with you all today. The final product is much more than I could have ever asked for, and I am so thankful for all of the folks that helped this come to life. I know I've been spouting off about our vendors a lot, but I cannot thank them enough. Each and every one of them brought something unique to the table, and helped us create something really, really beautiful. It's hard to find words to pair with the images below- I am so enamored with each one of them. Each detail and contribution was better than I envisioned- to the point where I got choked up multiple times while we were on-site that day. I know that may seem a little silly, but it could not be helped. I built a freaking table runner out of books, for goodness sake, and we stuffed those books full of peonies and hanging amaranthus! I can't think of anything dreamier.

Normally when I am asked to participate in a photo shoot, there is already a preexisting theme or inspiration behind it. I make a list of all of my client's "must-haves," and run with it from there. This particular photo shoot was a little different. My partner in crime, Nikki of Nikki Santerre Photography, and I were able to build the inspiration of this shoot from the ground up, and mold it into whatever we wanted it to be. After seeing the photo shoot challenge prompt on Burnett's Boards, we quickly decided that we wanted to focus our shoot around ink- specifically literature and calligraphy. The rest of the details just seemed to flow.

Tears flooded my eyes when Nikki sent the images to me, and I have looked at them often since then. They feel romantic, a little lush. The images speak of a classic love- an enduring, sure romance. And that's what we wanted to make. I think I can call our work on this shoot a success because of the way it makes me feel.

Without further ado (and more rambling,) I'd love for you to take a look at the images below. You'll see a mixture of film photography and digital images- all of which I know you're going to really love. Please don't forget to take a peek at the end of the post and give our fabulous vendors love!


Auld Lang Syne_0026.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0027.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0028.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0029.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0030.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0031.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0032.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0033.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0034.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0035.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0036.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0037.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0038.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0039.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0040.jpg

Auld Lang Syne_0042.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0043.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0044.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0045.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0046.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0047.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0048.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0049.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0050.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0051.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0052.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0053.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0054.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0055.jpg

Auld Lang Syne_0057.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0058.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0059.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0060.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0061.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0062.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0063.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0064.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0065.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0066.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0067.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0068.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0069.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0070.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0071.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0072.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0073.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0074.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0075.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0076.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0077.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0078.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0079.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0080.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0081.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0082.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0083.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0084.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0085.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0086.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0087.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0088.jpg

Auld Lang Syne_0090.jpg Auld Lang Syne_0091.jpg

Vendors: Photography and Creative Direction: Nikki Santerre Photography Creative Direction and Styling: Amanda Burnette Flowers: Anthomanic | Furniture Rentals: Paisley and Jade Calligraphy: Letters of Grace Calligraphy | Cake and Petit Fours: Sweet Fix Venue: Virginia Center for Architecture | Hair and make up: Emily Hudspeth Dress: Ava Laurenne | Models: Kimberly Barkley and Andrew Denn