Do What Feels Good

I think "do what feels good" should be a phrase that we all listen to a little more often. It applies to all aspects of life- work, personal time, projects, the company you keep- everything! I totally believe in the pursuit of happiness, and I think starting by doing what feels good is a surefire way to find your bliss. My sweet friend Nikki messaged me this week asking if I would make her a bouquet for a bridal portrait session she had. With a really busy weekend at my full time job, and a hectic few weeks ahead coming up, I hesitated to say yes. It's so easy to get caught up in the potentially overwhelming and stressful things, even when faced with something as totally lovely and delightful as making flowers for someone! The more I thought about it, the more ridiculous I knew it was to say no. ALSO, peony season is here... so there's that.


Just a few hours after saying yes, my pal Michelle Amarillo emailed me asking about another bouquet! Her cousin, Jeffrey Ocampo, is a crazy talented photographer here in Richmond, and was in need of a bouquet! Of course I jumped at this opportunity. More flowers? absolutely. After all, I had already committed to making one bouquet, what the heck is another?

Let me tell you- I am so, so glad I said yes to these things. It felt GOOD saying yes, and it felt REALLY GOOD seeing the results and knowing that I helped a friend, made a new connection, and will have some pretty photos to add to ye old portfolio!

I know saying yes can get you to an overwhelming place, but digging my hands into a bucket full of gorgeous flowers while my husband dances around to "Alternative Hits from 1996" (yes, that's an actual, very specific, station we have) brought NO BAD THINGS. Instead of telling myself to limit my projects, I'm going to say yes to what feels good! Heck yes!


Please excuse my crappy, weirdly lit, over saturated iPhone photos. I just couldn't keep these pretties to myself.

On a few other, random notes:

  • Holy eff, man. If you like rainbows, puppies, and happiness,  MAKE THIS DAIRY FREE COCONUT CREAM PIE FRENCH TOAST. You've been warned/told. Just... listen to me.
  • I've always got new projects spinning around in my head, and there has been one specific one on my mind for a while. I'm going to make all of the paper flowers.
  • There is a pound of rhubarb sitting in my fridge. I think I need to make the most perfect summer pie on the face of the earth. Thanks, Joy.
  • Lastly, in the spirit of doing what feels good, I shall leave you with an R. Kelly video. Not because I love R. Kelly, but rather because he KILLS this Sam Cooke cover of "A Change is Gonna Come." And if you know me, old soul music is kind of my favorite. I'm sorry/you're welcome.

Last but not least:

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