An Introduction to The Loving Type

There are a lot of things in my heart that I want to say about this photo shoot. I am fortunate that I will have plenty of opportunities to say all of these things. I am not sharing the full photo shoot in all of it's lush, romantic glory with you today. Instead, I wanted to introduce this photo shoot, it's concept, our INCREDIBLE vendor team, and where we are now. As soon as Nikki and I saw the Styled Shoot contest announcement on Burnett's Boards, we knew that we had to be a part of it. After throwing around just a small handful of ideas, we settled on the artistic medium that we would use as inspiration- ink. We knew ink would be broad enough to allow us room to play, but timeless enough to exude true, classic romance. Within the medium of Ink, we chose two different representations- calligraphy and literature.

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Soon after choosing our theme and developing a color story, it was clear that our direction was dramatic, a little unexpected, and heart-wrenchingly romantic. With the use of scarlet, pewter, ivory, and touches of blush pink, how would the end result NOT be super  dreamy?!

Focusing on calligraphy as one of the main sources of inspiration and incorporating our theme into the shoot was an easy decision. It brings to mind grand love letters, hand-written vows, and true elegance. We knew from the start we wanted to find a calligrapher with great style, and whose work exudes passion and pretty. Enter Taylor from Letters of Grace Calligraphy! I had been following along with her on social media for a few months, and knew immediately we should ask for her help! Luckily she was on board, put up with all of my crazy requests, and made us so many lovely things to showcase! Writing on a 16 foot banner and on the inside of a tight-hinged pocket watch? No problem for this girl!

During the planning process, I so enjoyed working with Amanda from Anthomanic, and geeking out over our love of flowers. She made us the most insane, lush, drippy, fabulous flowers that we could ask for -- and they were JUST what I had envisioned. Not only is she one hot mama (expecting a little babe this summer!) she's also incredibly hospitable and so nice to just chat with.

Have you heard of Sweet Fix? Amanda (yes, another Amanda!) was a total dream. After a few introductory emails, I was able to  tell her what we were thinking and she ran with our ideas! We could not have dreamed of a more incredible cake or prettier wax-sealed petit fours. WHO THINKS OF THAT?! Brilliant.

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The ladies at Paisley and Jade are so, so awesome. I want to be their new best friend, and also move into their new warehouse/ showroom space! They contributed so many amazing pieces for us to use in our shoot. From delicious, plush grey-blue chairs to the BEST farmhouse table, we were drooling over it all. Emily Hudspeth came and made up our model, and gave her the prettiest braided 'do EVER- featuring some gorgeous blush silk ribbon. SWOON. Thanks, Emily!

Nikki, always my partner in crime, gave us the most beautiful images. Her work always has a dreamy, ethereal quality to it, which took our details to another level. The soft greys and creamy whites looked so incredible when paired with the brilliant, moody burgundy tones. I got a little emotional the day of the shoot when I saw everything together, and a LOT emotional when Nikki sent me the images of what we created. To say this shoot was a labor of love is an understatement. It was a labor of love, passion, trust, and, most of all, incredible talent thanks to our vendors.

SO, now that you know all of my feels about the shoot, that brings us to today. As I mentioned at the very first start of this post, this photo shoot is part of a contest. Won't you please go check out the photos, and then vote for us?

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Once you're done looking at all of the beautiful photos Nikki made, please follow the link below to cast your vote for "The Loving Type: A Wedding Inspired by Love Letters."

Tell your friends, neighbors, lovers, parents, etc. We would love your support in this! I'll be back soon to share ALL of the images (that might be the longest post to date.)