A Hiatus, and Looking Forward

Friends, I'm back! So sorry for the unintentional hiatus! We had my oldest friend as a houseguest for two weeks and had an absolute BLAST. We ate some really good meals, drank a *few* delicious beverages, and spent some really delightful time together. Visitor Collage

Over the past 24 hours, I've been stricken with some sort of icky sore-throated illness. I am NOT into it. I've done a lot of lounging (read: napping) and drinking tea today.

I do, however, have excellent fellas that have taken good care of me. Ollie has been a super snuggle pug, and my sweet husband took me for Pho this afternoon. My throat doesn't feel much better, but I'm hoping it will soon!

Sick Day

I don't have much time to use as down time, though, because I've got lots of fun stuff on the horizon! I've been trying to dedicate as much time as possible to the styled photoshoot Katie and I are working on! This means spending some QT in our office- which I just so happened to deck out with my favorite flowers and an absolutely DIVINE-smelling candle. Being surrounded by lovely things sure doesn't suck when you're looking for a little inspiration.


I'm also (I think. gulp gulp.) going to attempt to cook Easter dinner. We usually go spend the day with my in-laws, but they'll be out of town this year. I think it's my turn. I have considered making something fairly traditional, but instead, I'm going to let spring veggies inspire me and see where that gets me.

Would making beef short ribs be totally scandalous? I think these sound amazing, maybe paired with something potato-y, something with asparagus, and fluffy dinner rolls (obvs.)

Also, those short ribs call for a horseradish cream sauce, so I'm on board.

Dessert might have to be these Brownie cookies and this Whole Lemon Tart. I made one of these tarts a few weeks ago, and I'm still thinking about it.

Whole Lemon Tart 2

What about you? What are your Easter plans?

Are you cooking? If so, share what you'll be whipping up!